A podcast dedicated to exploring diversity within the
nutrition & dietetic field.
RDR_podcast is to better display representation in the health field.

Episode 5: Diversity in Dietetics and Nutrition + Graduate School Updates Raising Dietary Representation Podcast

We are 3 graduate school girls trying to change the world one-course module at a time. Please excuse our small absence. During this episode, Rose, Dottie, and Ruby talk about graduate studies and diversity within nutrition. In this episode, we discuss policy changes and best practices to serve the community. Join the discussion and find us in more places: https://linktr.ee/RDRPODCAST
  1. Episode 5: Diversity in Dietetics and Nutrition + Graduate School Updates
  2. Episode 4: We Graduated! + Life Updates!
  3. Episode 3: Body Inclusivity, Colorism, and Sexualization
  4. Episode 2: DICAS & Food Authenticity
  5. Episode 1: Introduction

New Chapters, Same Mission

Black Dietitians Matters

From the Black Dietitians Matter live session hosted by NOBIDAN I learned the systematic problems of the dietetics and nutrition industry for blacks and people of color. The first learning factor of this session was discussing the lack of diversity and inclusion in the field and how it starts at the educational level. The biggest…

Nutrition, Dietetics, and Wellness Education: The Perfect Primer for Public Health

I’m in my third week of Grad School. It has been surprisingly manageable while working a full-time job. I believe it is largely due to the strong foundation, my undergraduate Nutrition, Dietetics, and Wellness education and mentors in and outside my program provided. Some of my classmates come from reputable and impressive backgrounds PhDs, MDs,…

Father’s Day Go Healthy Walkathon Event.

On this Juneteenth weekend, I attended the Walkathon event hosted by Metro Farms in Chicago, Illinois. The IAND was looking for someone to promote healthy eating within the black community and I thought this was the perfect time to show a healthy alternative to traditional black meals. Growing up, I loved the summer as we…

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