Meet Rose

Rose Donepanya

“Minority Within A Minority”

Hello! Sai Bai Dee!

I am Asian-American of Lao Southeast Asian descent. I have always loved science, nutrition, fitness, and caring for others. I am a non-traditional student and an adult learner and have experience working in healthcare, social services, and education.

But it is my bedside experience, that inspired me to switch from Biology/Pre-Med to Nutrition and Dietetics. I am interested in preventative health through nutritional and wellness interventions.

My interests in policy and community health focuses on utilizing and creating policies and programming that improve health outcomes. Especially those that could reach a broader audience and various populations, in particular, minority and marginalized populations.

I hope that by sharing my perspective and through my representation that others like me will consider entering the Nutrition, Dietetics, and Wellness and Public Health fields.

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