Black Dietitians Matters

From the Black Dietitians Matter live session hosted by NOBIDAN I learned the systematic problems of the dietetics and nutrition industry for blacks and people of color. The first learning factor of this session was discussing the lack of diversity and inclusion in the field and how it starts at the educational level. The biggestContinue reading “Black Dietitians Matters”

Father’s Day Go Healthy Walkathon Event.

On this Juneteenth weekend, I attended the Walkathon event hosted by Metro Farms in Chicago, Illinois. The IAND was looking for someone to promote healthy eating within the black community and I thought this was the perfect time to show a healthy alternative to traditional black meals. Growing up, I loved the summer as weContinue reading “Father’s Day Go Healthy Walkathon Event.”

A Refugee Daughter and Food Insecurity in The Heartland

Recently, I was out in Central Illinois in the sleepy rural towns, left-over remnants of the passenger/freight railroad system, that crisscross the plains of this State. Not completely foreign settings for me, having been born in one of these small towns, and places where I spent many weekends and summers enjoying all the things thatContinue reading “A Refugee Daughter and Food Insecurity in The Heartland”

NEW Chapters, SAME Mission

Author: Rose D. Greetings everyone! This post and introductions are long overdue. Thank you for your patience. Now that you have listened to some of our initial episodes. You may have a better understanding of who we are individually and some of our views and cultural influences related to nutrition, health, and wellness; while exploringContinue reading “NEW Chapters, SAME Mission”